The Collective

An Engaging Community Celebrating The Allure And Mystique of Golf Performance

Carter Bennett and Jon Roy co-host this spirited conversation about the deep themes in the realm of golf and athletic performance.  Through interviews with an esteemed lineup of guests, the podcast focuses on themes of skill development, motivation, and mastery, and uses the game of golf as a touchstone for our conversations.

The goal of the pure golf collective is to investigate and celebrate the variety of perspectives on the purpose of the game of golf.   And through this process, the hope is that we can stimulate our audience to better understand their own reasons for playing and practicing.  We organize and record these conversations  in the hopes of allowing our listeners to organize and shape their own beliefs about what the game means to them. 

As a collective, we are a variegated group of human beings who love to express themselves through sport.  Our audience and guests come from many walks of life, but are united by the game we all love to play. 



Carter Bennett

Owner of Coach Carter Golf


Jon Roy

Owner of Golf Performance Coaches


Epi. #3 Sitting Down With Derek Ingram

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Image by Allan Nygren